Hi-Top Top 50 Greatest Tom Petty Songs Countdown #50-41

If there’s one bedrock ideal, one core mission statement that all of the Hi-Top Braintrust can agree upon its that Tom Petty is the absolute best. If Petty is not the best American Rock n Roll Songwriter of All-Time then I don’t know who is*.

*Don’t worry that faint scream you just heard was just Le Cap yelling about some dude from New Jersey who really likes old factories that have closed down at the edge of town.

Now there are a lot of Tom Petty songs but the amazing thing is getting to 50 great ones was a piece of cake. We are talking about 50 songs that the average music listener will if not know then at least recognize. That’s an insane amount.

Let’s kicking things off with #50-41, a collection as varied as Petty and the Heartbreakers career.

Hi-Top Top 50 Greatest Tom Petty Songs

50. It’s Good to be King

Yes solo Petty, Heartbreakers Petty, Petty with non-Heartbreakers – it all counts cuz when Petty sings the song becomes a Tom Petty song.

49. To Find a Friend

Some have argued that Wildflowers is a better Tom Petty album than Greatest Hits. It’s not. But it’s damn good.

48. Nightwatchman

The one where the Heartbreakers get funky.

47. Make it Better

The one where the Heartbreakers do Memphis Soul.

46. Kings Road

45. Kings Highway

Which Kings titled travel way song do you prefer? They’re both great so it’s win-win.

44. Southern Accents

It’s no deep insight to say that Petty wrestled with his upbringing in the Deep South. Here he tackles it head on.

43. Letting You Go

Just a laid back casual jam but Petty is in fine vocal form and Benmont Tench’s organ work is exceptional as always.

42. A Wasted Life

Long After Dark is the lost Heartbreakers masterpiece. It never gets mentioned with the classics but it certainly holds it’s own.

41. Change of Heart

Just a great rocker with a solid tuff Mike Campbell guitar riff. Reminiscent of other Petty bangers but “Change of Heart” stands on its own with a catchy chorus and crunchy guitar sound.

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