This Taiwanese Outfielder Made the Greatest Play in Baseball History

Forget Willie Mays and his over the shoulder catch.

Tell the Babe and his “Called Shot” to go kick rocks.

And don’t even get me started on that bum Bobby Thompson.

This right here is the greatest play in baseball history:

Not only does this Centerfielder deserve the Gold Glove for this catch but just go ahead and send him an Oscar, a Tony, and an Emmy while we are at it cuz this is the best acting job since Brando was on the waterfront.

This dude had everyone in the entire stadium fooled – the batter, the Umps, his own team.

This dude is shooooook:

The Ump has no clue what’s happening:

This is the moment after the Centerfielder snags the ball and not one hint of a smile. Not even a smirk:

Dude is a stone cold killer.

Bat flips are over folks. Fake out home run robberies are where it’s it. Get on board now.

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