It’s a Derby (pronounced “daa-bee”) Day Weekend!

The biggest football game of this upcoming weekend will not be taking place in the SEC or the NFL and it won’t even be a game at all.

No it will be a match but more than that it will be a Derby in Liverpool England between Hi-Top’s beloved Blues, Everton Football Club and their unblemished record against the hated vile Reds of Liverpool FC.

What is a Derby you didn’t ask? Well first off it’s pronounced “daa-bee” and secondly it’s a rivalry game. And there’s no bigger rivalry (yeah I said it Spurs-Arsenal) than crosstown enemies Everton and Liverpool.

And finally after many many many meaningless Derby’s we finally have one that well and truly matters. Everton currently sit TOP OF THE TABLE ***gasp*** while defending champions Liverpool are 3 points back but down 5 places on the Table.

The match will take place at Goodison Park and while under normal circumstances this matters a great deal “some” would argue that the lack of fans has neutered the proverbial home field advantage. The Lil’ Dogg is of course not “some” and so this pup argues that the lack of “atmosphere” will actually be advantageous to the Toffees. Everton inevitably plays this Derby under so much pressure to perform that the collapse is simply preordained fate waiting to happen. Liverpool expects it. They rely on it.

Not this year. As we have said before this is not your father’s Everton. This isn’t even your older brother’s Everton. This is OUR Everton. They are young and hungry and not bound by the shackles of the past. They play with speed and creativity and a fearlessness not seen since the days of Dixie Dean.

Manager Carlo Ancelotti has the Boys in Blue dancing up and down the pitch. James Rodriguez and his biblical left foot lead an attack that has produced an honest to God goal threat in young Dominic Calvert-Lewin and has littered opponents defenses with goals upon goals to start the season.

This Everton team plays to win. But not just win. To delight. To entertain. We’re not parking a bus this season. No we are driving a Ferrari on the Autobahn.

And make no question about it, Jurgen Klopp and his gegenpress will show up to play. They not only lost for the first time in ages last match weekend but they were straight up embarrassed by Aston Villa of all teams. The Reds will show up to play. But after an exhausting and endless two year run of Champions League and Premiere League glory do Liverpool have anything left in the tank for 2020-21?

Add in the fact that both teams are coming off a ridiculous International Break and the uncertainty about how this game will play out is off the charts. One thing is for certain though – this year we will have ourselves a cracker of a matchup.


Everton 3 Redshites 1


🎶It’s a grand old team to play for, it’s a grand old team to support….🎶

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