Hi-Top Top 10 Wildest “That Was Actually on TV???” Sitcoms of the 80s and 90s

From roughly 1980-1999 Sitcoms ruled the television landscape. And believe you me, back then anything could be game for a Sitcom premise. No idea was too far fetched. Here’s the 10 farthest fetched of them all.

Hi-Top Top 10 Wildest “That Was Actually on TV???” Sitcoms of the 80s and 90s

10. Just the 10 of Us

Appropriately enough in at number 10 is this Growing Pains spin-off about Mike Seaver’s gym teacher. Yes Growing Pains was so successful that not only did some writer pitch a spin-off show based on Mike Seaver’s gym teacher, it actually made it it to air.

9. Sister Kate

What would happen if a sassy Nun was in charge of a bunch of even sassier orphans? Hilarity of course. A young Jason Priestly and his immaculate hair headline this criminally cancelled one season wonder. The Lil’ Dogg is still bummed this one got the axe.

8. Jennifer Slept Here

What if a family moved into a house haunted by a dead pin-up girl except the only one who could see this ghost was a teenage boy? And just for fun we’ll get Cousin Dale from Vacation to play the teen.

7. Herman’s Head

You can’t tell me Pixar didn’t copy Herman’s Head for Inside Out. Also look at that cast – half of The Simpson’s, Carol from Friends, Molly Hagan who has been in literally every TV show for the last 35 years. Murders Row right there folks.

6. Living Dolls

A sitcom about the exploitation of teen girls? Sure. And let’s give it the worst title imaginable. Now put it on TV!

5. Dinosaurs

Just one question. Why?

4. Mr. Belvedere

Here’s the thing and really the only thing about Mr. Belvedere – Why was he the Owens Family’s Butler? This question has haunted me for 35 years and I still have no answer. He clearly hates them. They don’t seem to really want a butler. How did he end up in Pittsburgh and why doesn’t he just go back to England??????

3. Out of This World

An alien impregnates a human leaving behind a super powered half alien teenage girl who can stop time. The best part of this show was the theme song:

Absolute banger. But second best part was that when Evie stopped time the other actors in the scene would just freeze in place or more like try to freeze in place and you’d see their arms shaking and eyes twitching as they attempt to stay perfectly still.

2. Small Wonder

How about a show about an engineer who builds robot then tries to pass off the robot as his own kid? Yes Vicki was super creepy but personally I always found the brother Jaime to be equally if not more disturbing.

1. Alf

Yes Alf was huge. Right up there with Mr T as far as icons of the 80s go but when you actually think about the plot of the show – an alien WHO EATS CATS and secretly lives with a human family and who’s real name is Gordon Shumway!!!!! Those two facts take the cake. The aliens name is Gordon Shumway and he likes to eat cats.

That’s it. That’s the list. You can argue all you want but facts is facts and the fact is that a cat eating sarcastic alien has really never been topped.

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