It was a Helluva Year for the Padres

All things must pass.

It’s the journey not the destination.

You have to learn to crawl before you can walk.

And on and on…

But you know what, all the cliches are true. The Boston via San Diego Super Padres started this season as a curiosity and ended it in the second round of the playoffs. There’s no shame in getting swept by a wagon like the Dodgers. LA has been around the block for years now. They are where the Padres want to be.

The first step was competing all year and winning games. ✔️

Making the Playoffs ✔️

Winning a Playoff Series✔️

If you asked anyone in the Padres organization I’m sure they thought they were still a year away from making a run in the post season. Sure they felt they had built a strong team, a winning team but after years after years of futility just rounding the corner into +.500 territory was the major hurdle for a team this young. Learn how to win. Well they certainly did that and then some.

The future is bright for these young Padawans. Good thing they have cool shades.

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