Hi-Top Golf – Bryson isn’t Ruining Golf, You Are!

If you don’t think that Dr. Bryson driving the green on 382 yard Par 4 is straight up AWESOME then I hate to break it to ya but you suck.

Cuz here’s the real deal Holyfield. Yes Bryson is driving the green on Par 4s and averaging ridiculous yards off the tee but when he shot a 62 yesterday a bunch of other guys were right there with him shooting 63 and 64. And as I type this he’s half way through his Day 2 round and in 9th Place.

So while it may seem like he has “hacked” golf, he really hasn’t. Cuz you still need to put up that number each and every round no matter how fast your swing speed is.

Let’s all pump the brakes on “Bryson-proofing” course okay. Call me when Bryson wins 7 Tournaments in a row. Oh wait that’s the number of total Tournaments Bryson has ever won.

We’re a loooooong way from Tiger territory here folks so let’s just enjoy the ridiculous drives while we have them cuz we all know that back with that weight and that swing ain’t gonna hold out for long.

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