@DarrenRovell Continues Playing 3D Chess While the Rest of Us Play Tiddlywinks

This is next level here folks. MENSA membership stuff. We’re talking about the first hillbilly who struck gold in the San Fran Hills back in 1849. This is buying Apple stock for $2 in 1978. This is traveling back in time with machine guns to steal gold from Confederate soldiers.

D-Rov is basically jingling the keys to the kingdom right in your damn face.

He’s gonna get rich off factory sealed video games and you ain’t.

Listen if you’re poor in 50 years cuz you didn’t buy a 9.5 graded copy of Dr. Mario don’t go crying to Darren Rovell. He told you back in 2020. Forget the Bitcoins. Forget the Gold Standard. Throw your IRA in the trash. Dump that 401K cuz it ain’t it.

Factory sealed Sega games from 1993. That’s money in the bank.

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