The Porkers???? Really Walpole??? Really????

This one is a doozy folks.

The Hi-Top Braintrust was perusing the old newspapers as one does and within the Sport Section was a recap of a local school matchup between Milton High and Walpole High. The sport in question being Girls Field Hockey.

Take a gander:

Yes. The Walpole High Girls Field Hockey Team is known as the Porkers.



Collective brains exploded as the news travelled through Hi-Top HQ.

If this was the plot of a 1980s teen sex comedy starring Bill Murray as the randy drunk Girls Field Hockey Coach it would be dismissed as too on the nose.



If there’s anyone from Walpole out there please enlighten us as to not only the etymology behind the Porkers but how this could possibly still fly in 2020.

Now yes we are talking about Walpole, MA here. The town that flew the confederate flag for 30 odd years and still goes by the Rebels name. So all bets are off when it comes to Walpole High team nicknames.

But the Porkers?!?!?!?!?!?

A simple Google search gets you this:

And that’s not even venturing on to what Urban Dictionary has to say on the subject.

The Walpole High Porkers.

I guess you really do learn something new every day.

One thing for sure is it seems like the Walpole Girls Field Hockey is a helluva program that kicks major ass. 10 State titles. Hot damn! That’s a wagon.

Go Porkers indeed.

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