Hi-Topper Top 5 Legend of Eddie Van Halen Stories

Guitar maestro Eddie Van Halen passed away today at age 65. The guitar god had a career as epic as any of his finger tapping solos

Hi-Topper Top 5 Legend of Eddie Van Halen Stories

5. Eddie’s solo on “Beat It”

Legend has it that Eddie laid down the smokin hot solo for this MJ classic in 1 take. And never got paid for it.

4. Eddie backstage at Nirvana

The Grunge Years were not kind for the Van Halen crew. By the mid 90s EVH was an epic drunk and the Gary Cherone led Van Halen was reduced to a punchline. Nirvana and Kurt Cobain had taken VH’s place at the top of the American rock mountain. One night on the In Uetero tour Eddie showed up backstage piss drunk and demanded to go on stage with Nirvana. Kurt politely declined but Eddie persisted. Kurt then informed Eddie that Nirvana only had 2 guitars, one for him and one for Pat Smear (despite the fact that Kurt nightly broken a half dozen guitars himself and probably had a 20 or so with him). Things continued to go south for Eddie and he was eventually escorted out. A sad story indeed but a necessary one to tell.

3. Eddie started off on drums

This is probably the most often relayed tale about young EVH. He was originally a drummer before picking up the six strings. I’ve always felt bad for Eddie’s brother Alex, a world class drummer in his own right but nobody will ever let him forget that he’ll always be in Eddie’s shadow.

2. Eddie was a concert pianist too

“Jump” is the best Van Halen song and Eddie spends most of it playing keyboard. I believe I may have spent the majority of 1984 jumping off my parents couch while “Jump” played in the background on MTV.

1. Eruption

There’s guitar solos and then there is “Eruption”.

RIP in Peace to a legend for sure. The good, the bad and the finger tapping beauty of Eddie Van Halen.

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