It’s October 5th and Everton is Top of the Table!!!!

Anybody who knows anything about the Lil’ Dogg knows that this pup is a true blue Evertonian through and through. I’ve got Merseyside running through my veins. I’m a proper scouser and me won’t be arsed to hear nuttin bout no Redshites ya hear.

And right now four games in to the campaign the Blue Noses are Top of the Table, unbeaten in all competitions, 7 games on the trot.

Get In!!!!!!

This is not your Da’s Toffees folks.

This team scores goals! Gasp! This team is exciting! Double gasp!! This team is fun! Triple Gasp!!!

Dominic Calvert-Lewin is a proper number 9, the likes of which we haven’t seen since Big Dunc was patrolling the Goodison pitch.

The attacking side of the ball is loaded with creative playmakers that would make Dixie Dean smile. Bernard and Richarlson, the Brazilians, Gylfi, Delph and Kean the veterans, Tom Davies the young stud.

And there is James Rodriguez.

An honest to God international Superstar playing for the blue shirts. It’s down right unthinkable. But it’s true. And it’s working.

Do you have the Spirit of the Blues?

That’s catchy but we’ll stick with Z Cars.

It’s a grand old team indeed.

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