Hot Take Alert – Patriots Cause Traffic Jam on 93 to Get to Airport

Take a look at this bullshit right here:

The New England Patriots just causally causing a massive traffic jam to get to the airport this morning.

Just a few questions Your Honor if it pleases the Court:

1. Is Robert Kraft going to reimburse anyone who lost wages for being late to work this morning?

2. What about the OT pay for all the cops leading this clown parade? Who’s footin’ that bill huh?

3. 5 Buses!!!! I’d like to know that carbon footprint right there!!!! I would like to see the receipts from the Krafts on the Carbon Credits needed for this greenhouse gas guzzle-a-thon!!!!!

And I could go on. But I won’t. I’ll simply say that we’ve had more than one unnecessary motorcade this weekend and I’m not sure which one is more egregious!!!!!!

For shame. Robert Kraft. For shame!

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