Are You a Randall or a Randy?

Lil’ Dogg was scrolling through the ol’ timeline as one does to start the day and this gem popped up:

And while the footballin’ on display here is mighty impressive what perhaps is even more awe inspiring is the fact that we had an all-time “Randall” tossing the pigskin to an equally all-time “Randy”.

Of all the names in existence is there one that has a greater disparity in personality between the full name and the shortened name than Randall to Randy?

What I’m talking about here is the type of person that would go by each name. There’s a negligible difference between the type of person who goes by Mike vs Michael or Robert vs Bob or Steve vs Stephen and so on and so forth.

But a Randall is a Randall and a Randy is a Randy and there ain’t no confusing the two.

This man is no Randall:

And this man could only be Randall:

More Randall’s:


I think you get the picture.

But here’s the rub. There’s no one defying trait that makes a Randy a Randy or a Randall a Randall. At first glance you may jump to easy conclusions like Randall’s are smarter. Or a Randy is a redneck. And sure that may hold true for Randy Quad or Randy Johnson but you may call this guy “Tex” but you ain’t calling him Randy:

I suppose it’s one of those elusive “You know it when you see it” sort of things. You feel it in your bones. You just know a Randy or a Randall when you see one.

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