Hi-Topper Top 5 Solo Beatles Songs That Are Better Than Any Actual Beatles Songs

The Lil’ Dogg is a man of beliefs. You can have your “takes”. This pup will stick with his convictions and the Lil’ Dogg’s strongest and most stringent core tenet is:

The Beatles actually kinda sorta mostly stink.

At the very least they are widely overrated, easily the most overrated piece of “art” in the history of mankind. They wrote nursery rhymes for kids. Beatles songs have about as much emotional resonance as a wet fart.

On the flip side, the members of the Beatles when finally unshackled from the burden of being “Beatles” actually produced some of the best songs ever written.

Hi-Topper Top 5 Solo Beatles Songs That Are Way Better Than Any Actual Crap Beatles Song

5. “Coming Up” – Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney quite literally lives inside an imaginary world that only exists inside his own head. That will happen when you spend 60 years as the most famous man in the world. In the late 1970s Sir Paul tried his hand at funky new wave music cuz why the hell not? The solo album McCartney II is a wild ride of electro beeps and synth blobs. The highlight is easily the first track “Coming Up” and the best version was done by Wings a year before the album’s actual release. This jam is funky in a way the Beatles could never dare.

4. “Oh Yoko” – John Lennon

Yoko Ono takes a lot of shite but honestly she was right. The Beatles were better off on their own, no one more than John. Once Lennon was free, he let it all hang out (see what I did there…they got naked a lot is what I’m saying) and the results were something the Beatles could never have achieved.

3. “Instant Karma!” – John Lennon

This one you could see being a Beatles track but if it was McCartney would have came in on the second verse and ruined everything like he always did.

2. “Band on the Run” – Wings

Band on the Run” is great cuz it completely changes like 5 times and really could be 3 different songs smashed together and sometimes that’s just the best.

1. “My Sweet Lord” – George Harrison

Just imagine all the astonishing music George, the best Beatle in a landslide, would have created if Paul and John hadn’t been holding him back all those years. My sweet Lord indeed.

That’s it. That’s the list. Facts is facts and the fact is I could have made this list 10x longer cuz once agin for the crowd in the back the Beatles stink.

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