Fernando Tatis Jr and the Meaning of Life

Much has been written about the unrelenting, punishing, soul crushing year that we have been living through in 2020.

We’ve had enough of that.

Let us talk about joy. Pure, unfiltered enthusiasm for life. Let us marvel in the wonder that is El Niño.

Behold Fernando Tatis Jr. :

A lust for life of this magnitude on display here as El Niño blasted his second dinger of the night, an opposite field laser into the right field stands, is something very few humans will ever have the opportunity to experience. Put aside the simple athletic accomplishment of hitting a pitched baseball 300 plus feet under the pressure of post season play, that of course is a feat 99.9% of us mortals would not nor could not complete. No I am talking strictly about the level of thrilling emotional release as Tatis Jr. hoists his lumber into the air.

Sure we have our moments. We all do. But at this degree? It’s simply not possible. How could it be? Hitting “SEND” on a perfectly worded work email could never make you feel this good. Even your best drive on the golf course during your Member & Guest Tourney is only a fraction of a fraction of this type of pressure packed environment.

Or is it?

And does it even matter?

We can’t all be professional ball players. Even most other pros can only dream of having the talent and skill of a Tatis Jr.

But we are all playing in our own personal East vs West Championship Series of life. And the only way to get through all the bad is to find the good.

The bat flip moments.

Appreciate them all and embrace them like El Niño.

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