Celebrating the 20th Anniversary of Sibling Rivalry with Hi-Top Top 57 Doobie Brothers Songs Ranked

Twenty years ago this week America’s (and perhaps the world’s) greatest and most innovative Rock Band, the Doobie Brothers released their landmark genre bending record Sibling Rivalry. To properly mark this achievement Hi-Top is dedicating the day to shinning a light on one of music most glorious triumphs.

Quite simply the Doobie Brothers are to music what water is to life. One can not exist without the other. When John Lennon was asked in 1978 how he could still find inspiration after all he’d accomplished with the Beatles, he had a simple yet powerful answer, “The Doobies, man.”

2000’s Sibling Rivalry was initial written off as yet another comeback record. A group looking to recapture the past, rekindle the glory of yesterday. One listen changed the world entirely. The melodies, the harmonies, the rising chords – it was vintage Doob yet so much more. The Brothers had taken a 9 year hiatus between records but not lost a single step. In many ways, the years off had aged the band like a vintage cheese. The aroma was instantly recognizable and the satisfaction hadn’t lessened one bit.

But in order to fully appreciate Sibling Rivalry as an endpoint one must consider the long journey that took place to reach that destination.

Hi-Top Top 57 Doobie Brothers Songs

57. Little Prayer

56. My Baby

55. New York Dream

54. Nobody Intro

53. Law Dogs

52. Far From Home

51. Rainy Day Crossroad Blues

50. I Know We Won

49. Young Man’s Game

48. I Been Workin On You

47. Old Juarez

46. Chateau

45. Slack Key Soquel Rag

44. Don’t Say Goodbye

43. Sweet Maxine

42. Précis

41. A Brighter Day

40. Double Dealin Four Flusher

39. South City Midnight Lady (Live)

38. Take Me in Your Arms

37. Texas Lullaby

36. Turn it Loose

35 You Just Can’t Stop

34. Pursuit on 53rd Street

33. Steamer Lane Breakdown

32. Busted Down Around O’Connelly Corners

31. Snake Man

30. Song to See You Through

29. Eyes of Silver

28. Disciple

27. Mamaloi

26. Cotton Mouth

25. White Sun

24. World Gone Crazy

23. Evil Woman

22. Ukiah

21. For Someone Special

20. Clear as the Driven Snow

19. Toulouse Street

18. The Captain and Me

17. Natural Thing

16. Here to Live You

15. You Belong to Me

14. Depending on You

13. Rockin Down the Highway

12. Dark Eyed Cajun Woman

11. South City Midnight Lady

10. Jesus is Alright With Me

9. Minute by Minute

8. It Keeps You Runnin

7. Another Park Another Sunday

6. Take It to the Streets

5. China Grove

4. Long Train Runnin

3. Black Water

2. Listen to the Music

Listen to the music folks. Just listen to the music.

1. What a Fool Believes

Michael MacDonald for the win!!!!!!

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