How do You Spell “Collapse”? C-E-L-T-I-C-S

That. Was. Ugly.

There is no sugarcoating the end of the Boston Celtics basketball season. It stank. They stank.

In Game 6, with the series and the season on the line the Celtics let the Miami Heat score on TEN CONSECUTIVE POSSESSIONS IN THE FOURTH QUARTER!!!!!!!

Ten times in a row with the outcome of the biggest game of the season in the balance and the Celtics could not make one stop.

From the end of the Philly series to the beginning of the Toronto series something happened to this team. They got by the Raptors by the nape of their neck, just barely scraping by. And that type of effort was simply not going to cut it against this pit bull of a Heat squad.


Sloppy sloppy basketball all series long. Bad passes. Ugly shots. Missed assignments.

Frankly speaking Boston did not deserve to win. The Miami Heat handed the Celtics their asses all series long. One team came to win and they other came not to lose. And you know what happens when you play not to lose?

You lose.

The Celtics lost. The Celtics lost BIG TIME. The soul of this team needs a cleanse because in the end they were not working together as a team. They played as individuals. And when that happens the whole team loses.

The bubble has finally burst for the 2020 Boston Celtics.

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