The Glorious Return of Hi-Top Bets – College Football Week 1ish

Let’s be honest folks, shit is wild in the streets right now. We got 4th Graders being sent into exile for sneezing. We got hellfire out west and brimstone everywhere else. Giant squids could start falling from the sky and people would be like, “Oh that’s interesting.”

And yet through it all College Football keeps chugging along. Since the SEC is deciding to start this week the Hi-Top Bets braintrust are declaring this the first true week of College Football. Let’s get to the picks.

Last Season’s Record – Who the hell knows? Feels like it was seven lifetimes ago.

Current Record – 0-0 Undefeated Baby!!!!!

Week 1 Picks

Notre Dame (-16.5) at Wake Forest

What?!?!??! You’re starting off the year picking the Irish?!?!?!?? This really must be the end of days cuz the Lil’ Dogg has lost his damn mind.

Army (+13.5) at Cincinnati

The Black Knights are 2-0 on the year and 2-0 ATS. Easy money here folks.

Georgia Tech (-8) at Syracuse

I’m gonna be honest here folks. I know a lot of Syracuse people. Some of my best mates went to the ‘Cuse. The blood of Hi-Top runs with a slight shade of Orange so when I say the following I say it with all due respect: Syracuse should drop football. You’re a basketball school. Embrace it. Sure there’s some gridiron glory buried deep deep deep in your past. But that’s gone now and it’s been gone. Facts is facts and the fact is you stink at football. Better to accept it and move on than to continue grasping at something you will never have.


FSU at Miami (-11)

Guess who’s back??? Back again! The U is back. Tell a friend. Actually this more a case of FSU being an absolute nightmare of shambles and incompetency. The whole FSU program is a disaster while The ‘Canes might actually maybe have finally turned the corner. Either way this will be a bloodbath.

That’s it. Those are the picks. See you next when hopefully we are all a little wiser and a whole lot richer.

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