Hi-Top Top 5 Pictures of Athletes Wearing Zubaz Pants

The tragic passing of Road Warrior Animal today brought to mind the second thing that people think of when remembering the Legion of Doom after the spiked shoulder pads of course.

Zubaz Pants

Dare to be Different indeed. There’s not a whole lot that can be said about Zubaz cuz in this case a picture really does tell the story. So with that being said here’s

Hi-Top Top 5 Pictures of Athletes Wearing Zubaz Pants

5. Jim Kelley (and Frank Reich)

4. Dan Marino

3. John Elway

I’m sensing a trend here folks. Yes Zubaz was big in basically two circles in the early 90s – WWF wrestlers and NFL QBs. Now my boy John Elway has to take the cake in this particular battle of 90s QBs with the mullet and aviators really sealing the deal. This is pure style, no two ways about it.

2. Horace & Pip

If you’re celebrating a ‘ship in the 90s what better way to do it than throwing on some Zubaz. Stylish and comfortable. That’s the only way to live folks.

1. Road Warriors/Legion of Doom

Let’s face it folks the only reason Zubaz became the phenomenon that it did was cuz of Hawk and Animal. These two brought Zubaz to the masses.

Gotdamn those 🦓 prints are 🔥

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