A Definitive History of Lead Singers Yelling “Guitar!” Before a Guitar Solo, Part 2

For the full back story on this particular Lil’ Dogg obsession please check out Part 1 here.

The Lil’ Dogg is nothing if not a dedicated journalist and humanitarian so in an attempt to keep the record on this particular subject as up to date as possible our crack research team here at Hi-Top HQ has uncovered a few more examples of Lead Singers yelling “Guitar!” before a ripping solo. The goal here is to make this list as exhaustive and complete as possible and the nerds on our research floor (Floor 42 at HTTA Tower) will not stop until the job is complete.

Motley Crue – “Dr. Feelgood”

Classic Crue right here folks. Not sure how this one slipped through the cracks on the first goround. The video really seals the deal cuz not only do we get an epic “Guitar!” at the 3:12 mark but we also get treated to a first class finger point by lead man Vince Neal as the camera pans to master shredder and evil incarnate Mick Mars. Top notch stuff here. Top notch.

Aerosmith “What it Takes”

And now we head to the opposite end of the spectrum. We are entering this one in the name of completism (if that ain’t a word it is now) only. Personally I can’t say Aerosmith has ever been my bag but I will admit that early ‘smith has some real bangers in their arsenal. But late career Aerosmith. Ehhhh boy. Not so much. This one right here at the 2:59 mark gets the nomination for not only lamest solo after a “Guitar!” but possibly lamest solo of all-time. C’mon Joe. You can do better than this pile of stinkin’ doo doo.

That’s two more for the record books folks. One badass. One turrrrrrible.

The hunt continues….

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