Nick Nurse Can Go Kick Rocks

Go on with ya bad self, JB! Tell ’em what’s up!

Listen folks, Jayson Tatum did NOT have a good night. Nobody is debating that. But facts is facts and the fact is Nick Nurse suckssssssss.

First off the dude walks around in a hat with a Nick Nurse custom logo:

And it’s a turrrible logo to boot.


Notable NBA Expert Blonde Bomber 33 gets it exactly right here. The dude is ON THE COURT.

It’s one thing if the coach is getting all up in the half court on his own team’s end but it’s a whole nother ballgame when it’s the opposing team’s side of the court.

Putting the bad Tatum pass aside, this has to be a T by the refs. Goodness knows they spent enough time reviewing useless shit all game. Howsabout keeping the annoying coach in check, hey blue.

Again, the Boston Celtics played very very very not good basketball last night but let’s not act like the Raptors weren’t playing with six guys on the floor here.

Game 7 Friday night.


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