Give Me All The Tatis

Baseball by definition is not an exciting sport.

The games are loooooong.

The pace of play is slooooooow.

Enthusiasts would argue that’s where the beauty of baseball can be found. The minutiae is what makes it special.

Those people are booooooring.

Give me excitement.

Give me thrills.

Give me TATIS!!!!!!!!

Last night was the Boston via San Diego Padres won again cuz they are on an absolute tear and the one and only Fernando Tatis Jr busted out a 2 Run Triple aka the Second Most Exciting Play in Baeeball (the first being the Inside the Park HR).

Now as cool as a Triple is, Tatis did something even cooler the night before:

Yes that was a double – ON A GROUND BALL PAST THE SHORTSTOP!!!

And this is just the most recent examples here folks cuz on a Letterman Top Ten List of Exciting Tatis Plays these two wouldn’t even be considered.

The speed at which Tatis attacks the bases is unlike anything baseball has ever seen. Sure there’s been fast guys before. Ricky Henderson was fast. Vince Coleman was faaaasst. But those guys were bade stealing fast.

Fernando Tatis Jr. is kamikaze bumrush the stage smash and grab steal yo girl fast.

He runs the bases with bad intentions.

And that is how you make a boring ass sport fun as hell.

Damn it feels good to be a Padres fan.

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