Well-known Trainer in Hot Water Over Comments

PHILADELPHIA, PA — On the heels of the Mike Milbury controversy, another high profile old-timer in the world of Sport has apologized for previous insensitive comments he made regarding women.

Famed Philadelphia boxing trainer/manager Michael “Mickey” Goldmill tweeted out his apology Monday evening for his well known 1976 comment, alleging that “women weaken legs”. The comment was made to arguably his most famous client, boxer Rocky Balboa, on the eve of his bout with World Champion Apollo Creed. The clear assertion was that sex with women would make a male athlete less effective. A young Jim Lampley, then acting in a role as a “side-line” reporter, is widely credited for having made the comment public.

At the time, the comment was widely written off as “locker room talk”, but in a 1977 interview with Cosmopolitan, feminist spokeswoman Gloria Steinem did comment on the “dangerous rhetoric (around) athletes and sports”, perhaps raising an eyebrow at the well-known trainer.

The apology comes on the heels of long-time hockey analyst Mike Milbury “stepping away” from his role with NBC due to backlash regarding comments made last week. The 68-year old Milbury, while commenting on “the bubble” environment the NHL has created said “there aren’t even women around to disrupt” the players concentration.

Goldmill, 115, was born in Philadelphia in 1905, and is well-known in the boxing community. He worked alongside Charley Goldman, trainer for undefeated champion Rocky Marciano, whom Goldmill has credited with much of his success, due to his unconventional training methods. The founder-owner of “Mighty Mick’s Boxing Gym” has been known to tie boxers’ feet together, having them chase chickens, and punching them in the stomach while doing sit-ups.

Goldmill did not return emails asking for comment. When a reporter knocked on the apartment door located above the gym, a voice yelled, “get your chicken ass outta here, will ya”.

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