Country Song Bingo

The ol’ music listening device was on shuffle mode on an unnamed streaming service (no free ads) and the Lil’ Dogg happened to be subjected to a few “country music hits” today. And let me tell ya it doesn’t take too long to form some real opinions about this type of “music”. In short there’s literally only 4 Country Songs – 1) My Ex was a Cheater 2) I like to Drink 3) I love My Truck/Boat 4) Country Song About a Different Country Song

Therefore the Lil’ Dogg created this:

Take a shot of your preferred 🥃 every time you cross of a space. Guaranteed you can’t go more than 3 random Country songs before you finish off the board.

For example this little Luke Bryan (bonus points for a double first named singer!!!) ditty clears half the board:

Fun for the whole inbred family.

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