The J’s Have It – Celtics Take Game 1 Over Sixers

Let me tell ya a little story folks. Once upon a time certain members of the Hi-Top Brain Trust who shall remain nameless advocated LOUDLY for the trading of both Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum.

“They’re not #1 guys” these fools said.

Oh my poor unfortunate souls. What misguided youths they were. The only solace is that now Le Cap can truly see the error in his ways. The Lil’ Dogg forgives you. You are free to bask in the glory of JB and Taco Jay.

That’s right. 61 points for the Dynamic Duo. And these guys aren’t even 20 years old yet!!!!!

This win was not all fun and games tho. Things got dicey for a while. Long stretches without buckets CANNOT continue. Gotta expect that Kemba’s not gonna put up another o-fer from 3 right.

In other less than thrilling news ol’ Gordo got injured again, spraining his famous right ankle. MRI results have not been released as of press time. Fingers crossed we are only looking at a day to day situation.

Ball goes up for Game 2 on Wednesday at 630.

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