🎶Go On DeBrusk Ya Shoulders Off🎶 Boston Bruins Take Game 4

Now THAT’S how you score the hockey puck folks.

People are saying the Bobby Orr statue in front the Garden should be taken down and replaced by one of Jakey DeBrusk. And honestly I’m not gonna argue. As Le Cap has steadfastly maintained, that Orr goal was scored up 3-0 on an expansion team. Compare that to Jakey’s absolute gallazo in a crucial spot in the First Round of the Battle of the Bubble. You make the call!

The 4-3 comeback win gives the Friends of Eddie Coyle a commanding 3-1 series lead. Now obviously this is Lord Stanley’s Mug’s Playoffs we are taking about here so no lead is ever safe until the hands are shaking (greatest tradition in all of Sport) at Center Ice.

Puck drops at 4 on Wednesday for Game 5. Let’s end this hootenanny early boys.

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