Boston Celtics Philadelphia 76ers Playoff Preview

Philly Cheesesteaks. That’s what’s for dinner tonight folks. And we gettin em with the extra cheese.

But here’s the rub folks. The Lil’ Dogg is a sad pup right now. Boston is about to start a playoff series with the hated Philadelphia 76ers and we are not going to get to yell “Shoot a 3” at Ben Simmons.

Haven’t we all been through enough????????


We need a villain folks. We need one bad. Big Al Horford is too nice. Joel Embiid is a goof. He tries to act all tough but in the end he’s a harmless class clown.

Tobias Harris? Josh Richardson? Shake Milton?

We’re really scraping the bottom of the barrel here.

Ben Simmons was the perfect guy to hate. He’s good. Real good. But he also has a one gigantic glaring flaw in his game that is just so absurd it’s laughable. A star player who absolutely refuses to shot the ball beyond five feet from the basket. It’s unimaginable. If it was a plot point in a Billy Crystal basketball movie you’d say it was too unrealistic.

Maybe our villain will emerge tonight. Someone we least expect. Matisse Thybulle would be a candidate if he was actually as French as his name suggests but alas it turns out he’s from Arizona. Oh well.


Celtics Win Series 4-0

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