Bubble Boys Let One Slip Away

Moops they did it again.

The Boston Bubble Boys in Black and Yellow lost a tough one, 3-2, to the Hartford Whalers. And just like that the Round 1 Series for Lord Stanley’s Mug is all tied up at 1 apiece.

Power Plays were the name of the game for the Friends of Eddie Coyle converting twice but failing to do so when they needed it most.

The big news before puck drop was the “unfit to participate”-ness of David Pastrnak. Still no word as of press time as to the true nature of Pasta’s injury. One has to assume he simply had a limp noodle.

Former Bad Boy Do the Dougie Hamilton was the hero of the night, scoring the eventual game winner in the middle of the Third frame.

As Ol’ Billy Shakespeare so eloquently penned oh those many moons ago:

“Tukka My Tukka. A glove save, a glove save. My kingdom for a glove save.”

Gloves Puck drops at noon on Saturday for Game 3.

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