Hi-Top Top 10 All-Time Foods That Look Like Famous People

We see your tomato that looks like Larry Legend, Internet, and we raise you a Richard Nixon eggplant.

Hi-Top Top 10 All-Time Foods That Look Like Famous People

10. B-Boy Stance Carrot

Okay so maybe not a famous person per se, I suppose, but awesome none the less.

9. Bob Ross

Just a fluffy little crescent roll here and one there.

8. Drumpf

It’s a really excellent corn husk. Just beautiful. People are saying it’s the best most greatest corn of all time. Also Fuck Trump.

7. Jabba the Hut

6. Chewbacca

Like they say on the moons of Endor, May the Walnut Be With You.

5. Larry Bird

Number 1 in our hearts but number 5 on this here list.

4. Jesus

There’s a whole cottage industry of Jesus shaped foods but for this pup’s money the crucifix cheese doodle cant be topped.

3. Whoopi Goldberg

The glasses really seal the deal on this one.

2. Mother Teresa


1. Richard Nixon

The fact that there’s not one but multiple Nixon Eggplants is just undeniable. Milhouse stays undefeated.

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