“Reggie Lewis” the song vs Reggie Lewis the basketball player

Here’s something that probably only 3 other people on planet Earth besides myself will find fascinating. But here goes cuz this is my blog –

There exists a French Emo band and they once wrote a song called “Reggie Lewis”.

The band is called Sport. They may or may not exist anymore cuz if you try googling “Sport band” all you get is ads for Fitbits and shit like that. These French dudes, not so great at the ol’ SEO it seems.

Anywhoo first off who knew “Emo” made its way across the pond to France. And is “Emo” called “Ennui” there????

Secondly these French sadsack punks title all their songs after athletes or athletic competitions which is certainly a choice. And with a band called Sport why the hell not right?

And so the second track of their album Bon Voyage which is actually the first song cuz the album starts with dialogue from the movie Stand By Me, which is again certainly a choice, is called “Reggie Lewis”.

And the thing is this song kicks major ass and if I didn’t know it was released in 2014 I would have gone to my grave swearing it was a lost classic from a 1996 Emo band from Kansas City.

But again it’s from a bunch of dudes who were probably born in 1996 and grew up in Lyon fucking France.

How the hell do they know about Reggie Lewis?????

The rest of their songs are named after obscure French divers and yachtsmen. And Andre the Giant. The only other American name dropped is Florence Griffith Joyner who certainly had more of an International career than Reggie Lewis. So that one at least makes sense.

Oh and Doris Sams who was apparently the female Babe Ruth a la League of Their Own.

Obviously these French punks love themselves some athletic endeavors. And sure there’s a chance the whole thing is some elaborate schtick but I doubt it. Again there’s literally no info on who this band is so really I have no clue.

All I really know is that some French Emo Punks made a ripper of a tune and named it after a tragic Boston Celtic legend.

Hopefully they at least saw Reggie take it to the hole:

Somewhere in France there’s a bunch of dudes listening to Get Up Kids and watching highlights of Reggie and Dino and the rest of the boys and hearing Tommy yell “Shermmmmmm!!!!!” as the early 90s Celts take on the rest of the NBA and for a moment the world ain’t so bad after all.


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