Hi-Top Top 10 Heavy Metal Songs That Feature The Word “Metal” in the Song Title

Heavy Metal music is equal parts awesome and hilarious. And the word “Metal” is probably 99.9% of the reason for both of those facts. Metal is a kickass word and totally defines this music genre perfectly. Just saying the word gets you all fired up for some nasty riffage. But it’s also completely and utterly ridiculous. That’s why the combination of Heavy Metal taking its self so seriously while also being over the top absurd is just the best. And nothing sums this up better than Heavy Metal songs with song titles featuring the word “Metal”.

Hi-Top Top 10 Heavy Metal Songs That Feature the Word “Metal” in the Song Title

10. “Metal Militia” – Metallica

Leave it to the lames in Metallica to have the most boring “Metal” titled song. Lars and Co. really are the wurst. “Metal Militia”? Really? This is the best you could do guys? Really? They’ll probably sue Hi-Top just for posting this.

9. “Metal Gods” – Judas Priest

The Priest have a pretty high opinion of themselves and I suppose it’s well founded.

8. “Metal on Metal” – Anvil

It’s really really really hard to believe that Anvil are an actual real life band and not an SNL skit. These dudes rule.

7. “Metal Thrashing Mad” – Anthrax

6. “Soldiers of Metal” – Anthrax

Not only did the dudes in Anthrax name two songs on the same album “Metal” songs they went one step further and just named the whole damn album “Fist Full of Metal”. Gotta respect that.

5. “Metalshock” – Flotsam & Jetsam

This song is 8 minutes long. I dare you to listen to the whole thing.

4. “Black Metal” – Venom

Yeah Venom is definitely NOT this pup’s vibe.

3. “Devil’s Metal” – Death Angel

These dudes don’t mess around with wussy stuff like metaphors and insinuations. They get right to the point. They like the Devil and they like Metal. That’s why they make the “Devil’s Metal”.

2. “Metal Health” – Quiet Riot

Metal health will drive you mad.

1. “Metal Storm/Face the Slayer” – Slayer

This here little ditty is number one for a reason. It’s got everything. Not only does it drop the “Metal” first and foremost but it follows that up with a double shot of a “slashed” two part song title and name drops their own band name. And let’s be honest here folks, Slayer is hands down no contest the GREATEST Heavy Metal band name of All-Time. Like it’s not even close. If the Lil’ Dogg was in Slayer my number one contribution would be insisting that every single song title contains the word “slayer”. It’s that badass. It’s Bonus Jonus that the song itself GOES HARD. Like this is some smash yer head into the locker before the Big Game type shit right here.

That’s it. That’s the list. Facts is facts and the fact is if you’re gonna be a Metal Band you sure as shit better have a “Metal” song.

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