Hi-Top Top 8 Sodas of All- Time



Soda Pop.

Fizzy Drinks.

No matter the name the taste is the same. Glorious. Especially on a hot summer day. Life is all about the small pleasures and there’s not much simpler and better than an ice cold soda to quench your thirst.

But alas not all sodas are up to snuff. Some are nectars of the gods while others are down right nasty pond water. Thankfully your good friends at Hi-Top are here to separate the wonderfully fizzy from the flat trash.

Hi-Top Top 8 Best Sodas

8. Mug Root Beer

The Root Beer Wars can be a vicious place. You have your A&W freaks, your crazy Barts and thousands of local varieties but for this pup Mug takes the cake.

7. Schweppes Ginger Ale

The Lil Dogg is a Schweppes Man. You can have your Canada Dry. I know those Michiganders live and die by their Vernors but for this pup it’s Schweppes or nothing when it comes to Ginger Ales.

6. Sprite

The Lil’ Dogg certainly went through a Sprite phase. I think we all have. And on occasion the tasty Lemon-Lime mix still hits the spot. One indisputable fact is that Sprite has the greatest Soda commercials of All-Time.

“I give a pound to my man with my right hand…”

5. Vanilla Coke

All cokes are the same you say. No no no. Each and every coke flavor must be judged on its own merit. And Vanilla Coke has just enough of that certain something. You can’t have a Vanilla Coke all the time. It doesn’t work as an everyday soda. But if you take enough time away and then return to it on special occasions, there’s something magical about this flavor combination.

4. Mellow Yellow

An elusive mistress, especially here on the East Coast. This pup’s first dance with Mellow Yellow took place on a childhood family trip to Denver. Mellow Yellow always struck me as a “vacation” drink. You’d find a can in the random hotel vending machine on your trip to Lake George. It was exotic. Different.

3. Cherry Coke

Sometimes in the right situation a Cherry Coke is the greatest invention in the history of mankind.

2. Dr. Pepper

What is a Dr. Pepper really? It’s certainly not anything to do with pepper. I hate pepper. But I love Dr. Pepper.

1. (Mexican) Coke in a Glass Bottle

An ice cold Coca Cola in a glass bottle (made with real sugar hence the “Mexican” since that’s nowadays the only way to get the pure uncut good stuff) is truly one of life’s greatest treasures. Tell me one thing that tastes better than an ice cold coke from a glass bottle? You can’t cuz there’s nothing on Gods green Earth that can compare to the utter deliciousness of an ice cold Coke.

The Worst Soda of All-Time

1. Pepsi

The four most depressing words in the English language are “We only have Pepsi.” You are about to enjoy a delicious meal. You order a Coke and the server replies, “We only have Pepsi.” Meal ruined. Honestly Pepsi is not only not good it’s down right torture. You know how amazing a Coke tastes so when you have to endure a Pepsi instead it’s like the drink is taunting you. It looks like a Coke yet tastes nothing even close to it. You want to know how you can instantly tell how a person is a horrible untrusting little soulless devil – They utter the sacrilegious sentence “Tastes the same” when asked whether they prefer Coke or Pepsi.

That’s it. That’s the list(s). Facts is facts and the fact is if you have the choice between a Coke and anything else, well it’s not really a choice at all.

But what about 7Up you ask?

Never have. Never will.

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