Hi-Top Exclusive – TB12 Hydroxychloroquine Coming Soon with Extra Pliability

First TB12 invented pliability.

Next they have developed the ultimate miracle cure for protecting your immune system:

And now hot on the heels of these amazing world altering discoveries, Hi-Top has learned exclusively that TB12 is set to SAVE THE WORLD with the Official TB12 Branded Hydroxychloroquine*


Hi-Top has attained this top secret photo of the upcoming release:

This is revolutionary stuff here folks. Simply take two pills a day and do some stretching and you will LIVE FOREVER*. Just don’t eat any tomatoes. That’ll ruin everything. NO TOMATOES!!!!

*or at the very least be able to play mediocre football into your mid 40s.

Get in early folks cuz this stuff won’t last. Only $99.99 per pill with the Friends of Tom discount. Enter HiTop at check out. We got ya.

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