Get to Know Your Heroes – Meet Lee Jung-hoo Superstar Hitting Machine

Let’s build the perfect baseball player, shall we?

Start with genetics and pedigree right, so we will give our player a father who was a former MVP ball player in his own right. Add in the hitting skills of a young Ichiro, only our guy will actually be younger. Top notch defense of course. And just for fun we will give him matinee K-Pop Idol good looks.

Sounds impossible?

Meet Lee Jung-hoo:

Lee Jung-hoo is your Kiwoom Heroes Rightfielder.

He was the 2017 KBO Rookie of the Year at just 18 years of age. The first KBO player to ever go straight from High School to the KBO without a day in the Futures (Minor) League. Lee’s father is former KBO MVP Lee Jong-beom.

Basically this kid is the Korean Ken Griffey Jr. if Griffey Sr. had actually been great. Except he’s an Ichiro level hitting machine who has his sights set on the KBO single season hits record.

At just 21 years old this kid already a star yet is just getting started. This is going to be good.

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