Hi-Top is ALL IN on the Korean Baseball League Taking Over America


Major League Baseball could be amazing. But instead it SUUUUUUUUCKS. Mainly cuz of inane “unwritten rules” and also cheating. Tons and tons of cheating.

The KBO gives you all of the fun and none of the suck.

Therefore Hi-Top is ALL IN on the KBO being America’s baseball league of choice.

And now we will pick Hi-Top’s Official KBO team based completely on team logo. There are 10 teams so we will do this countdown style.

Hi-Top Top 10 KBO Teams

10. Kia Tigers


9. Dosaan Bears


8. Lotte Giants

7. LG Twins

Obv not picking a team that has the same name as an MLB team. Duh.

6. Samsung Lions

5. Hanwha Eagles

Baseball teams with football nicknames is just plain confusing.

4. NC Dinos

Now we are starting to get a little weird but not nearly weird enough.

3. KT Wiz

No we are talking. These dudes are dope. Dabing creatures in wizard hats. Yes. But alas The Wiz just ain’t happening.

The Final 2 Contenders

SK Wyverns

Ok. Yes. We are getting close. This is some NES Baseball Stars level shit right here. What in the hell is a Wyvern tho????? Gonna have to research that one before any decision is made.

Kiwoom Heroes

How can you not like a team named the Heroes with two badass bat flipping ding dong bashing mascots?????

This one is too close to call folks so for now we at Hi-Top are going to closely monitor the Heroes and the Wyverns (also find out just what in gods good name a Wyvern is) over the next few weeks and make our final decision.*

*Aka most badass bat flip gets our undying love and allegiance.

One comment

  1. If supporting the corporate sponsors is a sign of supporting this league, I’m ahead of the game because I drive a Kia, have a Samsung phone, and will watch Korean baseball on a LG television.


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