Two Great Tastes That Go Great Together – Beastie Boys & David Letterman

It’s 1992. Even though the Beasties have been off Def Jam for 6 years and are two albums past the License to Ill era they are still mostly know to people like David Letterman as the guys who get “craaaaazy”. Letterman keeps insisting he “doesn’t want no trouble” like what the Beasties did to Sue Simmons on “Live at 5” and of course because this is David Letterman he becomes obsessed with this joke and repeats it over and over and over.

In a not so surprising twist the song the Boys perform is not one of their hot singles “Pass the Mic” or “So Watcha Want” but instead deep album cut “Live at PJ’s” which actually makes total sense. The Boys were dead set on drastically changing the perception of them as a band and what better way to do that than by playing a funk punk song live with their very own instrumentation proving to all the Letterman’s of the world that the Beastie were finally and most definitely NOT the “Fight for Your Right to Party” guys anymore.

Hi-Topper Top 5 Most 1992 Things Going On in This Clip

5. Paul’s Gigantic Tie

4. Mike D’s Bleached Hair

3. Everything Going On With Bongo Guy

2. Ad Rock’s Cypress Hill T-Shirt

1. XL Sized CD Case

Bonus Beasties on Letterman.

1994. Two short years later and the Beasties are once again the biggest band in the world:

“It’s Sabotage!”

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