Guide to arguing with idiots who are “MAD” about Gronk & the Patriots

Everyone has their HOT TAKE about Gronk joining Brady in Tompa Bay* (credit to the world’s least funny “comedian” and WEEI resident toolbag, Fitzy). I’m no different, and I’m going to tell you who to be MAD at.

You shouldn’t be mad at anyone. You shouldn’t be mad at all. If you are mad about any of this…you’re an idiot.

You’re mad that Brady is gone? He’s 43, had clear signs of decline, has no weapons here, and had no interest in developing any. He also insisted on becoming a free agent. Face it…he’s just not that into you. It wasn’t going to work. Last year’s playoff loss was their ceiling. It was a great run, and he was the best…but all good things have to end. Get over it, ya losers.

You’re mad at Gronk for “abandoning” New England, or like Shank stupidly said, “screwing you over”? He retired last season. Clearly he was not going to come back and play here, especially without Brady. The ONLY way he was coming back to football at all was to go play with his boy. So he didn’t screw over anyone. Unbunch your panties, take off the Pats’ footy PJ’s, and realize that players don’t owe fans anything. Your life will improve.

You’re mad at Belichick for “tearing down the dynasty? The dynasty ended itself. Quite frankly, it went on longer than anyone should rightfully have expected. Which was great. During the great run, y’all were insistent Belichick knew everything, never let go of anyone who went on to greater success, and fiercely argued with any “idiots” who brought any argument otherwise. Now, all of a sudden, you think he’s wrong for moving on from a 43 year old QB and a brittle, retired, Tight End? Allow me to throw your words back at you: “You think you know more than the greatest coach of all time? You idiot!”

You think they should’ve gotten more for Gronk? So, amateur GM’s…you’re convinced Belichick should’ve gotten a better return than a 4th rounder? Why?! Gronk really didn’t have a great 2018, his injuries and surgeries have piled up, and he sat out a year to play around on QVC and become the 24/7 champ…whatever the hell that is. On top of all that, he came out and said he’d only come back to go to one team. Oh…and he’s a $10M cap hit. THERE WAS ZERO MARKET for him. Getting a 4th was incredible value. Deal with it.

If you’re burning jersey’s, swearing off the team, boycotting anything, etc…you’re not only an idiot. You’re not a real fan anyway. For the rest of you, who are angry, but not taking drastic measures, just get over it. It’s still a well-run franchise, and I’ll take my chances with Belichick rebuilding, rather than anyone else in the league. Enjoy watching it.

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