Here’s a Gronk Take – Good Riddance!!!!

Gronk has been “traded” to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to be reunited with the second most annoying athlete in Boston Sports history and here’s the Official Lil’ Dogg Take – Thank God and Good Riddance!!!!!

If we never have to see Gronk’s stooopid face in New England ever again then this deal was well worth it. Add in a 4th Round pick or whatever they got and it’s absolute graaaaavy.

Rob Gronkowski is Mr. Glass.

Now add in the fact that he’s about 50 pounds lighter than his playing weight and those bones are going to be snapping like twigs.

Over/Under on Regular Season* Games for Rob Glassgowski is 4 and that’s being generous.

*Provided there even is a season 🤷🏻‍♂️

Not one person in Mew England should shed a single tear over this deal or the Brady Situation.

The franchise NEEDS to move forward.

In an ideal scenario we get Jalen Hurts* but whoever the Belichick Brain Trust decides on this all had to happen.

*Rodrigo too. Need the Specs kicking Field Goals like we need air to breathe. Get me Specs!!!

Anywhooo the bottom line is Gronk is washed and Brady is a thousand years old. Time for new blood.

Now if the Patriots don’t draft a QB on Thursday then we have a problem.

Then it’s time to riot.

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