DOPE or NOPE – Quarantine Life Version

Welcome to the Internet’s latest and greatest craze DOPE or NOPE*™️

*Patent Pending

This week the Hi-Top Brain Trust has rated various #QuarantineLife activities on our unique and wholly proprietary two point scale. That’s right folks, there is no in between. It’s either DOPE or NOPE.

Let’s go!

Backyard Chipping

Let’s be honest here folks not all of us are as lucky as Texas star golfer and Walker Cup team member Cole Hammer who apparently has a 15 hole chipping green next to his fancy in ground pool and is spending his #QuarantineLife in style. This kid has gone from a life of traveling the world playing junior golf to college stardom to eventual pro career making millions. And if that doesn’t work out he can just go back to his parents Texas mansion. Not throwing shade here, just pure unadulterated jealousy. What a goddamn life this kid has.


Nevertheless backyard chipping (pool or no pool) is a certified DOPE. Work on that short game folks.

Crossword Puzzles

#QuarantineLife is on that sloooow grind. If you’re not taking advantage of the simple pleasures then you are doing it all wrong. And there’s truly no better feeling then knocking out a tough 5 letter clue that you’ve been working on for 40 minutes.



42. Insane Clown Shaggy 2 _____

Hard Boiled Eggs

During “normal life” the Lil’ Dogg just didn’t have the spare time to waste on boiling eggs. But during #QuarantineLife the process of making hard boiled eggs is not only a great way to kill 20 minutes it’s also the ultimate boss move flex. “Oh sorry your grocery store is all out but over here I got so many eggs I’m gonna boil 6 of ’em just for kicks”. Plus Deviled Eggs are straight up tasty.



Watching the News

There’s a lot going on in the world today and unfortunately not one person on the face of the Earth has any clue about what to do about any of it. EVERYONE IS AN IDIOT. I don’t care what side of the political/social/ideological aisle you are on cuz it doesn’t matter. If there’s one thing #QuarantineLife has shown us its that world is being led by goddamn morons.



Stay inside, shave some strokes off your handicap and have egg salad for lunch. Hi-Top will let you know when it’s safe to re-emerge.

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