‪The Ballad of Old Tom Nook: Indentured Servitude Disguised as Utopia in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Your very own Island, he tells you. Your dream life. Your every whim and desire handcrafted to your own exacting specifications. Anything your heart desires can be yours in Paradise.

The only cost?

Your freedom.

This is Tom Nook.

When you decide to move to to your very own island Utopia in Animal Crossing: New Horizons Tom Nook is not only your landlord and your mortgage agent, he is your local grocer and your department store owner. And oh yeah he also controls the only currency system available, Nook Miles. So not only does he control the land, he also controls the means of production and the economy.

In short he controls everything.

Tom Nook owns your life.

It’s the ultimate Deal With the Devil. Would you trade control of your destiny in exchange for the promise of Paradise?

For many the answer appears to be a resounding Yes. During these trouble times people have turned en mass to the quiet solitude of Animal Crossing: New Horizons as a means of escape to a better, more simpler world.

And that’s all well and good. Escapism as a coping mechanism has been around since the Dawn of Man as Cavemen etched crude drawings on their cave walls to pass the time, to immortalize events and dream of a better world.

At first pass Animal Crossing may seem a harmless diversion for the masses during these tough days. But perhaps something more sinister lies beneath the cute and cuddly exterior of Tom Nook’s Island Utopia.

Is Tom Nook grooming us all for a Post Apocalyptic World?????

The 1% of the 1% already control most of your daily life. But perhaps they are angling for more?

Is a world where Jeff Bezos owns your mortgage as well as your daily shopping habits too far of? Bezos Bucks instead of dollar bills to pay for your precious toilet paper?

If the economy continues its free fall what’s to stop the one person still making gobs of money from the current world crisis from swooping in and doubling down on his vast empire?

Nothing but blind faith, that’s what.

If you haven’t realized that our entire Society, our rules, our economy, our entire way of life is held together by nothing more than a collective unspoken agreement that we all don’t think too hard about how money itself is a false construct, the Stock Market is nothing more than a world wide large scale Scam, the people “in charge” are all “Emperors with No Clothes On”….

Bells or Dollar Bills? Nook Miles or Amazon Prime Rewards?

What’s the difference as long as you get your Island Paradise right?


P.S. – Animal Crossing is the tits. Come visit Lil’ Dogg at Hi-Top island. Presents always welcome.

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