The Best Random YouTube Videos of the Day cuz #QuarantineLife is Hell

We are all in #QuarantineLife Hell and if you are not get your stupid ass inside so we can finally get back to real life in a month. And since society as a whole is collectively going insane here the Lil’ Dogg presents Hi-Top’s Randomly Amazing YouTube Videos of the Day.

Earl Campbell Getting His Shirt Ripped to Shreds

Goddamnit those Baby Blue Oilers Jerseys were a thing of beauty. It’s an absolute travesty that we are stuck with the Tennessee Titans and the Houston Texans instead of the Oilers.

Macho Man Flying Elbow Compilation

Just. Because.

Mel Allen’s Voice

You can have your Harry Carey and your Vin Scully and your Jack Buck. Give me Mel Allen. That’s the voice of baseball. As we miss the start of the 2020 season let your mind wander back to the glory days of baseball when Saturday afternoons meant TWIB Notes and blooper reels soundtracked by Men at Work.

Ozzie Smith Making the Greatest Defensive Play of All-Time

With bonus more Mel Allen. Ozzie Smith is the greatest defensive Shortstop to ever backflip on to the diamond.

Bonus Ozzie Backflip

The Best Fugazi Cover You Will Ever See

Watch as a bunch of sundress and button up shirt wearing preppy teens rip your face of with an absolutely flawless Waiting Room. Stay for the pan to the audience at the end.

Skateboarding as Art

Polar Skate Company doesn’t make skateboarding videos, they make art films that happen to include 360 nollies and frontside blunts. Pontus Alv, the creative force behind Polar is the Terrence Malik of ramps and rails. We Blew it At Some Point is 30 minutes of blissed out transcendent skating through Europe. You don’t have to be a skater or even like skateboarding at all to appreciate beautiful life altering art.

Rock Music is Alive and Well

Belmont’s “Overstepping” is the most rocking song since the Refused’s “New Noise”.

Well that should kill a few minutes at least. Stay safe and stay indoors everybody.

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