Hi-Top Golf – Fleetwood Goes Swimming at Honda Classic

Why Tommy Why??????

Sunday’s final round of the Honda Classic was a wild ride for all involved as everyone at the top of the leaderboard took turns throwing away their chances then bouncing back until finally Sung-Jae Im, last year’s PGA TOUR Rookie of the Year, snagged his first Tour win.

Im bagged a bird dog at 17 and was seemingly the only guy not to splash one in the water at 18 in order to grab victory from defeat.

But let’s talk about our boy Tommy Fleetwood. Fleetsy went into Sunday with a 1 shot lead looking to get his first win in America (he’s got 5 on the Euro Tour).

And then he teed off and nothing went right from there.

Actually that’s not fair. It’s more that Fleets just didn’t take advantage of the opportunity he had. He started strong with a couple of birdies but gave those back on 6 and 8 and could just never pull away from the guys chasing him.

Conversely Im charged up the leaderboard all day, played the Bear Trap 1 under, and took another on 17.

When Fleetsy got within 1 after a strong 17 it looked like our Golden Gawd was making his move. With a Par 5 18 left the dramatic finish was there for the taking.

Instead it took a bath.

Fleets was on his second shot trying to get to the green for a chance at an Eagle for the win. He was 235 from the pin with water all along the right side. He choose a 5 wood and did this:

There was a lot of chatter online that some knucklehead yelled in his back swing and there certainly appears to be some validity to that in watching the video clip. But Fleetwood himself has not said anything and I don’t suspect he would use that as an excuse anyways.

The fact is he simply didn’t make the shot he needed to make.

It’s golf. That happens.

It wasn’t meant to be.

But we love that Fleets has the guts to go for it in that situation. Guys were splashing shots in the water at 18 all tournament. In fact the very shot before Tommy was Brendan Steele putting his approach in the drink. Fleets could have laid up, taken the safe route for a birdie and a playoff.

Instead he Tin Cup’d it.

And that’s why we love him.

Besides it’s better if he grabs that first victory in Augusta anyways.

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