If You Buy this Edelman “Stay Tom” Shirt You Are An Idiot


Also No!!!!!

THNX FR TH MMRS Tommy Boy but ya old as dirt and you should have retired a champion when you had the chance.

It was Tom’s choice to come back and now if you fancy yourself a “fan” of the New England Patriots in any way then you would have to be an absolute moron to think that what is best for the team is more Tom Brady.

The Patriots have passed on stud QBs in deference to King Tom the last few years and if they do it again in this years Draft then the management of the team is downright negligent.

If Jalen Hurts is available and the Patriots do not take him then WE RIOT!!!!!!!!!

Mark Hi-Top’s words – Jalen Hurts will be the best QB from this draft.

Let Tom Brady walk (literally cuz you know he can’t run) and finally get younger at the most important position in the NFL.

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