Sweeney on Hot Seat as NHL Trade Deadline Approaches

Deal or No Deal, Don? That is the question.

The Mighty Meaty Bosstown Bruins are sitting pretty at the tip top of the League with 86 points but any puck head can tell ya that means squat once the playoffs start.

There is nothing that comes even close to the intensity of an NHL Playoff Series. You need all hands on deck and a hot goalie to boot ( and we’re still not convinced moving on from Thomas to Rask was the right move).

The bottom line is this team needs parts – specifically a Blue Liner that can move the puck, contribute on the Offensive end as well as hold his own in a fight and of course mix it up in his own zone. We also need a Forward who can play on the First or Second Line and get hot quick in a rough and tumble playoff series. A guy who can really Light the Lamp and do it quickly.

Is that too much to ask Don?

We only do Championships here in Boston and right now we aren’t so sure the Friends of Eddie Coyle have enough man power to run through the gauntlet that is the Greatest Event in All of Sport – the NHL Playoffs.

Get on the horn and get us some guys Don. The Lightning already grabbed Coleman from the Devils, a guy that the Lil’ Dogg would have LOVED to see in our Black & Yellow jersey.

What are you going to do Don? What are you going to do?

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