Hi-Topper Rankings – Wes Anderson Movies

Love him or hate him, Wes Anderson is a mood (as the teens on the Internet would say).

Anderson just released a trailer for his latest opus, The French Dispatch;

All the hallmark Anderson-isms are present and accounted for – oh so quirky characters center framed trading bon mots as ridiculous things happen around them.

And the Lil’ Dogg loves it. Gimme all the quirk. Gimme all the tweed jackets and clanging typewriters. The record needle drops. The sad sack lovers. I want it all.

So in honor of Mr. Anderson dropping a new gem let’s take a look back and rank all the Wee Anderson Joints from worst to first.

10. Isle of Dogs

Swing and a miss. Even the greats strike out and this was a big time K for Wes.

9. Life Aquatic

It just doesn’t work. All the parts are there but the finished product is a drag in a way that none of his other films are.

8. Darjeeling Limited

It’s fine. Still better than 95% of every other movie but just not the Lil’ Dogg’s cup of (Darjeeling) tea.

7. Grand Budapest Hotel

Enjoyable yet I’ve never really found myself wanting to rewatch it so that’s the knock.

6. Bottle Rocket

The debut. You knew this dude was different. This thing was from an alien planet in 1996.

5. Moonrise Kingdom

This one might be the truest Wes Anderson litmus test. If you are a true hater then Moonrise will drive you absolutely nuts. But if your a lover then it’s basic everything you want from him.

4. Castello Cavalcanti

Yes it’s a Prada commercial but it’s also Art. These 8 minutes are better than 90% of all movies ever made.

3. Royal Tenenbaums

Excellent soundtrack. Stellar cast. Just an overall enjoyable romp.

2. Fantastic Mr. Fox

Everything that Anderson got wrong in Isle of Dogs he got right in Fantastic Mr. Fox. The Roald Dahl classic is a perfect match for Anderson’s sensibilities. Ditto for the stop motion style. This movie hums on all cylinders and is just a pure delight from start to finish.

1. Rushmore

I saved Latin. Take dead aim at the rich boys. I like your nurses uniform, guy. She’s my Rushmore.

The quotes are endless. The soundtrack is sublime. The Anderson-isms are all there but it was before you really knew. And most of all, the story has actual depth and feeling. It’s his Magnum Opus.

Sic Transit Gloria. Glory Fades.

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