Hi-Top Declares Official Allegiance to San Diego Padres

The Boston Red Sox have traded David Price, Mookie Betts AND CASH (yes they are paying for the privilege of dumping one of the Top 3 players in all of baseball) in exchange for a couple of dudes who you’ve never heard of unless you are some fantasy baseball nerd who knows every player on the Biloxi Crawdads roster or a fan of *alleged* hotel sexual assaulters.

Either way this trade stinks and all attempts to frame this as good for the organization and its fans are utter hog shite.

So in light of all this, the Lil’ Dogg is officially declaring his baseball fandom allegiance to the San Diego Padres.

San Diego is basically West Coast Boston already. The most recent census data has 98.3% of the greater San Diego population having been born in New England. They already have the lovable Don Orsillo calling the games. They have a few of the most exciting young players in the Majors including the unreal Fernando Tatis Jr. and their cartoon mascot is just plain adorable:

What’s not to love?

Let John Henry and his merry band of billionaires count his pennies in peace. Just don’t give him any of yours.

Let’s go Padres!

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