The New Song by The 1975 is So Baggy (with bonus Hi-Top Top 11 Greatest Baggy Songs)

The brilliance of The 1975 is that their music feels like the past yet sounds like the future. Their latest and greatest song “Me & You Together Song” has Matty and the lads mining the Lil’ Dogg’s favorite micro genre Baggy Music.

That is soooo baggy.

“Me & You” has shades of shoegaze in the vocals but the shimmering guitar melody is doused in oversized trousers and ecstasy. The whole thing is shot straight out of the Madchester summer sun circa 1989.

Baggy was the sound of late ’80s UK music…well for a minute anyway. The genre peaked with the Stone Roses stone cold classic debut album and the scene fizzled as grunge took off in America and Britpop grabbed hold of the Great Britain. But for a few glorious years the alternative dance grooves of Baggy brightened the airwaves and electrified the stale rock scene.

It’s a welcome sound to hear The 1975 resurrecting the psuedo-psychedelic grooves of bands like the aforementioned Stone Roses, Primal Scream, The Charlatans and others who created the most classic Baggy jams. So let’s take a look back as we groove into the future.

Hi-Top Top 11 Baggy Songs

11. Groovy Train

The Farm is a turrrrible band name but there’s no stopping the Groovy Train.

10. Hippie Chick

Was Soho really Baggy? Well no but it’s my list and I say Hippie Chick rules.

9. The Only One I Know

The Charlatans managed to morph with the times and become Britpop staples but never forget their Baggy roots.

8. I’m Free

7. Divine Thing

The Dragons took a lot of shite for seemingly jumping on the Baggy bandwagon but who cares when the result was two of the most glorious dance rock tracks ever composed.

6. Made of Stone

More on the Roses in a moment.

5. Loaded

Primal Scream have been a lot of things and Baggy was just one stop on the trip but what a stop Screamadelic was.

4. Step On

The glorious disaster that was the Happy Mondays. They were just as likely to buy some crack and disappear for a week as they were to show up and play music but that’s precisely what made them magical.

3. Fools Gold

2. She Bangs the Drums

1. I Wanna Be Adored

Honestly these last three could be rearranged in any order and no one could argue. The Roses undoubtedly ruled the Baggy scene and transcend the genre outright. They just flat out kick ass.

So drop some (metaphorical) E and step on in to your largest pair of trousers and feel the groove.

Facts is facts and the fact is that Baggy music will shake your ass and save your soul.

You’re twisting my melon man.

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