The Mookie Betts Saga is a Shakespearean Farce and Boston Sports Fans are Playing the Fools

To Trade or not to Trade, that is the question.

A humble young man rising from obscurity to become a hero to millions.

The rich and powerful pulling the strings from behind a veil of secrecy.

The faithful masses caught in the middle.

The Saga of Mookie Betts has all the trappings of the Best of the Bard and it’s playing out on the stage known as the Boston Sports Scene, which is of course the most over dramatic and ridiculous of all Sport Stages.

Normally in situations like these the public, “the fans”, play the role of the Greek Chorus – calling out the emotions we all share whether it’s anger or resentment or joy and appreciation, and there’s usually a consensus or at least something approaching a consensus and that consensus is usually well intentioned and level headed.

But not in the case of Mookie Betts. In this particular drama we are all playing the role of the fool.

Here we have the Faithful Servants:

Three levels of fools all eating from the same hand. The Town Crier pretending to call out his own employer. The Fallen Hero who is compromised to such a degree that nothing can be taken at his word. And the vapid Press, playing whatever side proves to pay the most at that very moment.

The Chorus of Fools:

How a dare a self made success deign to demand to be compensated fairly????

But $300 Million you scream!!!!!!

The number does not matter. This is Baseball we are talking about. A profession that rivals indentured servitude in terms of the contracts young players are forced to sign. If a player is lucky enough to reach the Free Agent stage of their career then they ABSOLUTELY have the right to take that process to the open market.

The very idea of a “home town discount” is asinine. Why is the player asked to make such a sacrifice when the owners never are???? Where is the “home town discount” on ticket prices and $15 light beers????? The owners are being “smart businessmen” whenever the public is gauged for an extra penny but the player is “greedy” for wanting the opportunity to get the very best deal being offered.

And in the end the Farce will undoubtedly become a Tragedy. No one wins on Shakespeares stage and sadly no one seems to win on the Boston Sports Stage.

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