Stop the Madness and just End All-Star Games Once and for All

Okay folks. Enough is enough. The endless tinkering with all sports All-Star games has finally reached its absurd apex with the NBA coming up with a format so convoluted you couldn’t even get 10 Joe Schmo’s on Sunday morning at your local Y to agree to this madness.

It’s one thing for the NHL to attempt to drum up some interest in their game by running some CYO Round Robin format and God forbid the NFL ever do the sensible thing and just end their charade of a game in favor of players safety and don’t even get me started on MLB’s “This time it counts” disaster but the NBA which used to have the only game worth watching has devolved over the years into a glorified walk through more than a competitive contest is the one that needed less not more.

The simple fact is that the players in all sports make waaaaay too much money to risk injury in an otherwise meaningless game.

So just get rid of the game.

Keep the award. Keep the mid season break. Keep everything except the game itself.

But people want to see the best compete against at one another, right???????

Yes. And our very own fearless leader, Le Cap, has the best proposal of anyone.

Simulate the game.

Pick the teams however you want then play the game on whichever video game system wants to pony up the most cash to host the event. You can have the players themselves grab the controllers. Keep all the All-Star Weekend hoopla. The parties, the events all that stays. Get all the players together talking trash and commenting during the “game”. Hell you could even still do the “Skills Competitions” and what not. Package the whole thing up as a one hour TV special and you might just have something worth watching.

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