The Greatest Sporting Event of All is Here – Welcome to Waste Management Week!!!!

There’s two big time Sport Event happenings this coming weekend folks.

One is sure to be the annual snooze fest where the commercials are more entertaining than the product on the field and the other…well…this happens:

That’s right Hi-Toppers, it’s Waste Management Time. The one weekend a year when professional golfers get to play the game with the same fun and joy and alcohol as the average Muni Duffer.

Of course the Phoenix Open features the iconic stadium Par 3 16th, the only fully enclosed golf hole on the PGA TOUR (though I imagine the world as well right???) but even above and beyond the 16th the whole vibe of Phoenix is different. For starters the fans get to…ya know…actually be fans and cheer. And it really does rub off on the players in a good way. Everyone is just a little bit looser, a little bit more relaxed and God forbid actually having a good time while playing golf.

Is it the most important tournament of the year? No. Obviously. Don’t be a numbskull. But it is the most fun. And sometimes that’s enough.

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