Turns Out Zion is Pretty Pretty Good

And just for kicks & giggles:

A small sample size but what a sample it was.

The Zion Era has begun.

Listen folks, let’s not get out ahead of our skies here but…HOT DAMN!!!!! The man simply imposes his will upon a basketball game. It’s one thing for a veteran player to have an immediate impact and it’s another for a rookie to do so but this is a rookie playing in his very first professional game.

And he’s walking in cold after a four month layoff and everyone else is in full mid season form.

And this is with no highlight worthy dunks to speak of. It’s Zion’s passing and court vision that are truly impressive. And sure he’s not going to go 4-4 from deep every night…at least I think he won’t but who knows it is Zion…but just the fact that he already needs to be respected as an outside shooter is going to open up so much space for not only him but the whole ‘Cans offensive structure.

Yes they lost the game but it sure as hell looks like Zion is going to win the war.

One comment

  1. “The man simply imposes his will upon a basketball game FOR 7 MINUTES!”

    Fixed it for you.

    Wonder why there were no highlight dunks… surely not because his knee is Still bothering him… or his conditioning is still lacking… Or because he doesn’t know how to walk… or fell asleep on the bench…🤔

    I imagine every opposing coach in the NBA would be thrilled if Zion is now an outsider shooter and not a force of nature

    But hey, I’m rooting for the kid.



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